Transport Law

We provide full legal support and advice in the field of:

  • Transportation by sea (or other water) transport
  • Road transportation
  • Rail transportation
  • Multimodal and intermodal transportation
  • International transportation
  • Freight forwarding
  • Port and terminal operations

We carry out the following activities in the field of transport law:

  • Counseling in all areas of transport law
  • Preparation of contracts for transportation and freight forwarding , including those in foreign languages
  • Legal analysis of contracts for transportation, freight forwarding, chartering; applications and documents for the cargo
  • Counseling on the specifics of the various types of transportation (multimodal, intermodal, international, etc.)
  • Claims under contracts of transportation, chartering and transport expedition
  • Collection of fines under transport contracts
  • Collection of debt under contracts of transportation, chartering or transport expedition
  • Representation of cargo owners, carriers and expeditors at the court
  • Representation of interests of ship owners, lessors of vehicles
  • Counseling, legal support and representation of parties in cases involving purchase and sale, registration of any vehicles and equipment
  • Legal examination of insurance contracts and analysis of insurance regulations of rolling stock, cargo, objects of transport infrastructure and various types of liability of the participants of the transport process and owners of transport infrastructure
  • Legal examination of contracts, liability of carriers, expeditors, vehicles and transport equipment
  • Disputes related to property insurance (including cargo) and liability insurance
  • Legal examination of contracts for customs broker’s services
  • Advice on registration of "temporary import" procedure under the international leasing of vehicles
  • Advice on the use of VAT zero rate at overseas shipment and forwarding
  • Advice on taxation when working with foreign carriers and expeditors