Corporate work:

General corporate issues:

  • Legal support for establishment, all kinds of reorganization, liquidation of the legal entity, distribution of liquidation remains.
  • Preparation of internal normative documents for companies (Charters, memorandums of incorporation, regulations, instructions, etc.)
  • Legal examination of the legality of resolutions made by the company’s body or official

Prevention of corporate conflicts:

  • Advice on choosing the optimal legal form of incorporation, development of the structure, authorities and responsibilities
  • Verification and refinement of constitutive documents, assistance with registration of the legal entity
  • Legal support of transactions with shares, issue of shares, corporate documentation
  • Assistance in preparing and participation in meetings of directors, shareholders, owners, employees
  • Maintaining corporate accounting records
  • Legal Due Diligence

Settlement of corporate disputes:

  • Prevention of conflicts between all the subjects of corporate relations, development of the strategy of peaceful settlement of disputes, achieved by mutual concession
  • Verification of the legality of decisions made by the company and the implementation of these decisions
  • Representation of shareholders and founders (at general meetings; in matters of dividend payment; the implementation of the right to stock buyback, to hold extraordinary meeting, etc)
  • Contestation of the legality of illegitimate constitutive documents
  • Appeal against unlawful transactions, orders, decisions of the Governing Bodies
  • Protection of the interests of shareholders, founders and owners
  • Settlement of conflicts over determination of the owner of stocks, shares, securities (recognition and change of rights, inheritance, etc.)
  • Settlement of conflicts over decision on termination of powers of bodies, participants and officials
  • Settlement of conflicts related to the payment of dividends
  • Settlement of conflicts over the fact of harm caused by certain actions of some members of the company to other members
  • Settlement of conflicts caused by the participation of third parties in companies’ activities