Insurance law

Our specifics:

  • Legal advice in the field of insurance law and various types of insurance, including legal peculiarities of all types of liability, property insurance and personal insurance
  • Legal advice on the conclusion, performance, amendment and termination of insurance contracts
  • Examination of the contracts, the rules for compliance with the client's interests and the requirements of the current legislation
  • Preparation of proposals for amendment to the documents in which inconsistencies were found
  • Counseling on the settlement of insured events
  • Protection of the interests of the policy holder in the event of disputes with the insurance company
  • Preparation and submission of insurance claims, complaints, lawsuits and responses on lawsuits
  • Representation in court for disputes arising from insurance contracts
  • Arranging inspections of damaged property, as well as arranging independent examination and evaluation
  • Collecting insurance benefits under insurance contracts
  • Collecting insurance benefits in cases of property damage
  • Collecting penalties, fines, forfeits from insurers
  • Collecting insurance benefits under various types of insurance
  • Submission of documents to the Russian Union of Auto Insurers and many more
  • Creation of system of effective protection, allowing to insure the company with minimal risk
  • Legal support for enterprisewide projects of companies’ insurance
  • Preparation of tender documents for all types of insurance of legal entities (all kinds of property, any liability)