Commercial law:

The subjects of commercial law include:

  • Purchase and sale of goods between professional market participants (without consumers’ participation)
  • Commercial intermediation relations
  • Securities turnover
  • And other areas of trade turnover


We provide:

  • Preparation and assistance in contracting for all types of commercial real estate transactions, securities, leasing transactions, contracts for transportation, construction, sale, supply, commission and distribution contracts, agency franchise contracts
  • Advice in choosing a suitable organizational and legal form for a certain businesses
  • Legal analysis of enterprises
  • Support in procedures of purchase and sale of companies
  • Legal support for the issuance of shares
  • Arranging changes in the fund and structure of the company and changes in the type of shares
  • Advice and assistance with licenses and permits
  • Preparation of contracts with sales representatives
  • Legal advice on commercial transactions
  • Development of model contracts for the commercial activities of companies in all sectors of the economy
  • Legal support of the termination, liquidation and bankruptcy of commercial organizations
  • Assistance with protection of the rights associated with the brand under unfair competition or unfair advertising
  • Legal advice on banking operations
  • Legal advice on credit and investment
  • Legal analysis and advice in privatization transactions
  • Preparation of tender documentation for participation in the procurement
  • Participation in negotiations, intermediation
  • Legal representation and legal protection in trade disputes in all courts