Insurance Disputes:

We counsel and support all aspects of the insurance:

  • Insurance (CASCO, MTPL)
  • Mortgage insurance
  • Issues of other kinds of personal and property insurance
  • Drawing up of insurance claims
  • Appeal against the actions and decisions of insurance companies (insurers) and other participants of the insurance dispute
  • Legal assessment of the occurred or alleged insured event
  • Appeal against court decisions that have not entered into force
  • Initiation of executive proceedings


We provide contestation to the following actions of insurance companies:

  • Refusal to recognize the case as insured event
  • Delays in payment terms (30 days from the date of submission of the last document)
  • Incorrect calculation of the insurance compensation amount (including the reduction of the amount if there are salvage material)
  • Refusal to accept documents for obtaining insurance benefit
  • Underestimation of the amount of insurance payments
  • Failure to pay the insurance benefit
  • And any other illegal actions of insurers