Housing disputes

We offer the following services:

  • Legal advice on housing law
  • Registration of ownership transfer (purchase and sale, donation, etc.)
  • Resolution of disputes over obligation to conclude a social tenancy agreement and recognition of tenant under social tenancy agreement as family member
  • Acknowledgment of ownership of the premises
  • Eviction from the premises
  • Determination of the procedure for the use of premises
  • Contestation of privatization
  • Recognition of citizen’s forfeited right to residential premises
  • Resettlement and providing new housing, in case of the residential property demolition
  • Settlements of disputes with construction and investment companies
  • Fulfillment of obligations under contracts of share participation in construction
  • Appeal against the refusal of registration of residence and place of residence
  • Assistance with registration for housing
  • Representation of interests of homeowners' associations, etc.