Civil law

We provide professional legal support for any transactions and queries in the field of civil law.

  • Purchase and sale, supply, transportation, rent, contract, paid services, etc.
  • Endowment, free use, inheritance, etc.
  • Individualization of participants of civil turnover, their goods (works, services), including those in the field of registration and protection of trademarks (service marks), etc.
  • Protection of the name, honor, dignity and business reputation 
      • in relations between organizations (legal entities) arising during the selling of produced goods and services, storage, agency services, transportation, carrying out payments for delivered products, etc.
      • in legal relations with participation of the Russian Federation, subjects of the Russian Federation and municipal entities

 We specialize in the protection of civil rights and compulsion to perform the duties arising:

  • From contracts and other transactions stipulated by law, as well as contracts and other transactions, which although are not stipulated by law, but do not contradict it
  • From acts of Government bodies and local authorities which are stipulated by law as grounds for the arising of the civil rights and responsibilities
  • From the court decision, which established civil rights and responsibilities
  • From property acquisition on the grounds permitted by law
  • As a result of the creation of works of science, literature, art, inventions and other results of intellectual activity
  • From causing harm to another person
  • As a result of unjust enrichment
  • As a result of other actions of citizens and legal entities
  • As a result of the events with which the law or other legal act connects the civil and legal consequences