About us:

The team of professionals of the legal company “LexCon” specializes in different areas of law and business, therefore, is able to resolve any legal issues and challenges that accompany the activities of commercial companies and the private lives of citizens.


  • Our goal is to protect our customers as much as possible from unnecessary risks and any kind of problems.
  • Our style is to make realistic promises, to keep our promises and to find a legal solution to all the most complex problems.
  • Our specialization is risk management, preventive law and the protection of the commercial interests of companies and individuals.
  • Our credo: it’s better to predict the risk and to prevent the problem.
  • We provide full support for the commercial activities of companies and provide legal services to the individuals.
  • We value our impeccable reputation. Under no circumstances, should there be a conflict of interest of our customers.
  • Legitimate interests of our customers are our top priority.